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I have a project using Perforce. The scenario I am looking at is like below :

Multiple users submit their changes to Perforce repository and I would like to take a snapshot before syncing. I want to be able to revert if new release has some problems.

Basically I want to create a snapshot of current file which I can view with 'p4 have' and then revert to 'p4 have' files after syncing to head revision! How can I do that !

I tried to use 'p4 tag -l rel1 //depot/', but this command creates a label for head revision. I am looking for a way to do some command like this 'p4 label have' ! Is it possible ?

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You need to specify that you want the label to include just the files currently in your workspace:

p4 tag -l rel1 //depot/...#have

Or better yet use this shortcut:

p4 label myws (define the label) p4 labelsync (labels what you currently have in your workspace)

Then you can restore with:

p4 sync @myws

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Do you know what is the difference between p4 tag -l rel1 //depot/...#have and p4 tag -l rel1 //depot/...#have,#have ? – PMoubed Dec 7 '12 at 16:24

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