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Problem with editors like TinyMCE

For content there are many editors, like TinyMCE. However, these editors are not very good at create and modify HTML tables. There are often some table functions to some extend, but it often creates wierd HTML, is not easy to delete and sort the rows and so on.

By that reason I'm looking for a jQuery plugin to create a table that is easy to manage.

Key features of a table creator plugin

  • "Add new row" button to add a new row.
  • "Remove row" button to remove a row
  • Possible to sort the table rows with drag and drop or some other clever way.
  • Visually display the table when creating, not the HTML.
  • I don't care if I need to setup the table columns on init. The important thing is to be able to add rows dynamically.


  • Is there such a jQuery plugin? I have looked, found nothing.
  • If not, any other smart idea to create HTML table like this?

How far I've come

  • I found the plugin table drag and drop. It solves the problem with sorting table rows but not the rest.
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I think that jqGrid migth be usefull, you can do those things. you need a server side to do the sorting and so... check it out.

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