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At the beginning I am sorry for the title - I don't know how to call this problem.

Let's say I have (simplified) classes:

class Articles_Repository {
    public function save(Article_Entity $article) {...}
    public function find($id) {...}
    // Other methods

class Article_Entity {
   public $thumbnail_url;
   public $title;
   public $text;

Where should I put "changing thumbnail" - method to upload&crop&save thumbnail for specific article? Into Repository, Entity or somewhere else?

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I believe that the best place to put the method is in a Service. I don't think it's the Article entity's responsiblity to manipulate images. Repository's, even less. The Article simply states that it has a thumbnail, it doesn't care how the thumbnail was generated .

The controller should pass the uploaded image to a service wich will involve other objects to crop and then save the image (an images repository might work here). Then the thumbnail url will be assigned to the article.

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I agree, IMHO Article entity should be just wrapper for data without complex logic. – crash01 Nov 14 '12 at 15:16

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