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Any ideas how to save a file edited with Nano, in "Mac format"? I keep getting DOS carriage returns in my newly-saved files on my Linux box. I provided a screen shot of the bottom menu when I go to "write out" file:

M-M Mac Format??? I see that there are save options when saving but cannot figure out how to execute them

enter image description here

M-M Toggle the use of Mac format


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The command "M-M" means "alt M". In fact, any command starting with "M" means the alt key. Some keyboards gobble up the alt key: in my case, on a Macbook Pro Retina, "esc" followed by "M" is what worked. More info here.

However, since your screenshot is showing [DOS Format] as the current selection, the key combination you really want is "alt D" (or "esc" followed by "D"). That will toggle off [DOS Format] so that you'll be saving your file with the default line-ending character (ASCII 0xA). Turning on [Mac Format] will just give you a new set of problems.

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There is no Mac format anymore. Mac OS X is UNIX.

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I added a screen shot that shows the problem. Looks like the editor is defaulting to DOS Format and I don't know how to execute the commands in the bottom menu: "M-M" ?? – Slinky Nov 13 '12 at 20:42

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