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I am trying to index into a document a field with one term that has a payload. Since the only constructor of Field that can work for me takes a TokenStream, I decided to inherit from this class and give the most basic implementation for what I need:

public class MyTokenStream : TokenStream
    TermAttribute termAtt;
    PayloadAttribute payloadAtt;
    bool moreTokens = true;
    public MyTokenStream()
        termAtt = (TermAttribute)GetAttribute(typeof(TermAttribute));
        payloadAtt = (PayloadAttribute)GetAttribute(typeof(PayloadAttribute));
    public override bool IncrementToken()
        if (moreTokens)
            payloadAtt.SetPayload(new Payload(/*bye[] data*/));
            moreTokens = false;

        return false;

The code which was used while indexing:

        IndexWriter writer = //init tndex writer...

        Document d = new Document();
        d.Add(new Field("field_name", new MyTokenStream()));

And the code that was used during the search:

        IndexSearcher searcher = //init index searcher
        Query query = new TermQuery(new Term("field_name", "my_val"));
        TopDocs result = searcher.Search(query, null, 10);

I used the debugger to verify that call to IncrementToken() actually sets the TermBuffer. My problem is that the returned TopDocs instance returns no documents, and I cant understand why... Actually I started from TermPositions (which gives me approach to the Payload...), but it also gave me no results. Can someone explain to me what am I doing wrong? I am currently using Lucene .NET 2.9.2

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After you set the TermBuffer you need to return true from IncrementToken, you return false when you have nothing to feed the TermBuffer with anymore

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Yep, that fixed it, thanks! Another question though - Why does the returned score is 0.3068528? – ET. Nov 13 '12 at 20:53
Lucene scoring is a very complex subject, I suggest you debug that with Luke, which has a feature to show you an easily readable scoring Explanation. – Jf Beaulac Nov 13 '12 at 21:08

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