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When I move over a class name all the other places that that class name shows up are highlighted. When I hover over a variable it does the same thing with different places that I have used that variable. I cannot find where to change that setting in Netbeans.

I changed everything else, but even when I looked under every option in the highlighting section there were none with the same shade of yellow that is seen here:

Two highlighted class names

There was also nothing in the Syntax or Annotations section that had that shade of yellow. Is this even a setting that I have control of?

I have Netbeans 7.2.1 if anyone needs to know.

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It is Language-specific. You have to go to Syntax > Change a Language and modify the "Mark Ocurrency" color.

Know more: How to change the highlight variable color in NetBeans IDE ?

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For the theme I'm using in NetBeans 8.1, this option was listed at the bottom of the Category list as mark-occurrences. (I'm using EzObsidian, leaving a comment because I'm not sure if this applies to other themes/versions too.) – whrrgarbl Jun 22 at 14:50

I found this theme generator - helped me with my own color theme.

Below link to the online netbeans color theme generator

Net Beans theme builder

  • allow to point - click select code type and assign new colors
  • allow to export colors for netbeans (as .zip) aslo for eclipse color theme (.xml)
  • Tested on NetBeans 7.4
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Please summarise what that link says briefly. – Aleksander Lidtke Mar 13 '14 at 10:21

My answer is too late but it might be useful for someone else ,, In Neatbeans Tools >> Options >> Fonts & Colors >> Language (Java) >> Mark occurrences .

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