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Quite new with SQL I'm looking to export some data from a MySQL database into a csv file. I'm working locally (localhost).

Here is my SQL statement:

OUTFILE 'C:\Users\Martin\Downloads\result.csv'
FROM provider, location, provider_has_location
provider.idprovider = provider_has_location.provider_idprovider AND
location.idLocation = provider_has_location.location_idLocation

MySQL return the following error:

Can't create/write to file 'C:UsersMartinDownloads esult.csv' (Errcode: 22)

Thanks for your help.

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It looks like the back-slashes may be affecting the command. Try using '\\' instead of '\'.

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got it working using / instead of \ –  magdmartin Nov 13 '12 at 21:37

SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE condition INTO OUTFILE 'E:/test/filename.csv';

You are having issue with the back slash. Using forward slash resolved the issue in windows machine. But in Ubuntu its not working.

Then I tried with the below mentioned Query and it works:

SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE condition INTO OUTFILE '//tmp/test/filename.csv';

Here the double slash when starting the path is necessary.

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