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I just installed apache2 server php5, mysql and phpmyadmin today and I cant the access to myphpadmin through localhost/myphpadmin is denied.

I first changed the folder /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf in order to allow see below

    # phpMyAdmin default Apache configuration

    Alias /****** /usr/share/phpmyadmin

    <Directory /usr/share/phpmyadmin>
        Options FollowSymLinks
        DirectoryIndex index.php

        <IfModule mod_php5.c>
            AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

            php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off
            php_flag track_vars On
            php_flag register_globals Off
            php_admin_flag allow_url_fopen Off
            php_value include_path .
            php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir /var/lib/phpmyadmin/tmp
            php_admin_value open_basedir /usr/share/phpmyadmin/:/etc/phpmyadmin/:/var/lib/phpmyadmin/

        Order Deny,Allow
            Deny from all
            Allow from



then I also changed the rules inside /usr/share/phpmyadmin/config.sample.inc.php in order to make [AllowNoPassword]to true.

I dont know what to do in order to allow myphpadmin to access apache2?

Thank you for your response.

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by default 127 and localhost has access . –  Arun Killu Nov 14 '12 at 3:42

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Are you typing localhost/myphpadmin or localhost/phpmyadmin..??

Second, changing rules inside config.sample.inc.php won't get you anything until you rename this file to config.inc.php

Third, if you are doing this in order to understand how things work then it's fine but if you want to get on to some serious development then imho, you should try xampp (comes for linux and mac also) as it will free you from environment setup pains..

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Thanks,this was a question of Alias –  Vico la patate Nov 14 '12 at 21:05

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