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I set up an Apache server on my remote machine, and also installed mySQL and myphpAdmin. Following some tutorials on YouTube, I was able to get the installation complete and working. The steps did not include setting up a password or username for Apache.

I simply want to connect from one machine to the remote machine which has Apache running on it using FileZilla. In FileZilla, for host I enter the IP address (I enter the IP on a remote machine's browser to view the apache server and that works). For username I enter the Windows account username under which Apache is installed. For password I enter the password for the account under which Apache is installed.

Each time I try to connect to the remote machine I get the following error:

Error:  Connection attempt interrupted by user

All I want to do is give other people access to upload and manage files on the server where Apache is installed. What username and password do I need, Apache or Windows? What am I doing wrong? Do I need to configure or set up something with Apache or the Windows account it is installed on?

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Apache is a WebClient, not an FTP server, you must install a separate FTP server to your machine.

See Here


Assuming you are using a linux box. You can also set up a dedicated FTP user account with a home directory set to your web_root folder.

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You should configure a FTP Server and bind users to desired folders in webserver. You cant directly connect to apache because it is a web server.

You are trying to connect to a service that is probable running HTTP protocol service (probably on port 80) with a client that is trying to connect to ftp protocol (probably on port 21)

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