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Is there a way to create html form labels using the values I've already put in form_validation rules? Example...


$config = array('somerule' => 
                      array('label' => 'Nick name',
                            'field' => 'nickname'
                            'rules' => 'trim|required|max_length[255]')


<?php echo form_open(); ?>
<?php echo form_label('Nick name', 'nickname'); ?>
<?php echo form_input('nickname', set_value('nickname', $data['nickname'], array('id'=>'nickname')); ?>

I need to write "Nick name" in both validation rule and inside the html view. Is there a magic function like $this->form_validation->get_label('nickname') that would give me the right label / language instead of writing once again "Nick name" in the view?

Thank you guys!

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Why not using CI Language class?

Make your own language file e.g. form_lang.php and place it in application/language/english folder (assuming your default language is english which is defined in config).

write your language phrase in this pattern:


Load language file once in your controller


And that's it!
you can use $this->lang->line('index') in your controller (your validation config array) and loaded views, too.

Use $this->lang->line('index') in your view which has been loaded by your controller.

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