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I am localizing an app with the default rails I18n with globalize3 as the back-end.

Is it possible to set a locale with a country code (ie :fr-CA) to fallback to its specific language (:fr) before going to the default fallback automatically? I know its possible to set each locale/country manually with

config.i18n.fallbacks = {'fr-CA' => 'fr'}

But it would be nice to not have to add each fallback manually and have this behaviour automatic.

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To achieve precisely this I have an initializer with

I18n::Backend::Simple.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Fallbacks)

See the source code for more info.


This reminds me, there is an annoying bug in the ActionView LookupContext which prevents this from working for localized views (though it works correcly for locale files). I see it still hasn't been fixed. Basically, if you have any localized views (help pages for example, which are unsuitable to store in locale files due to their length) then a fr-CA locale will not fall back to a view called help.fr.html.erb. You either have to name the file help.fr-CA.html.erb or, which is what I have done, monkeypatch the LookupContext with another initializer, sort of like this:

module ActionView
  class LookupContext
    # Override locale= to also set the I18n.locale. If the current I18n.config object responds
    # to original_config, it means that it's has a copy of the original I18n configuration and it's
    # acting as proxy, which we need to skip.
    def locale=(value)
      if value
        config = I18n.config.respond_to?(:original_config) ? I18n.config.original_config : I18n.config
        config.locale = value[0,2] # only use first part of the locale in lookups
      super(@skip_default_locale ? I18n.locale : default_locale)

Another edit: Note that the patch is rather crude and breaks full locale lookups, going straight for just the language. If you need to also have fully matching views (language-REGION) you'll need to improve my code!

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Thanks. I do not have localized views so the initializer was all I needed. – Ian Armit Nov 14 '12 at 15:37

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