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I am developing a code in processing language and to make it a web application I am using processing.js.

I was wondering if there is any intellisense for processing ide or if there is an IDE for processing which has intellisense.

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If you want an Eclipse-style outline you could try the Sketch-Outline tool for Processing 2.0:

I have not tested this myself, but the screenshot posted here looks promising:

Personally I use Eclipse as a full-fledged IDE, giving you auto-complete, class outline etc. The only downside is that you have to lose some of the code fudging done by the Processing pre-compiler, i.e. "color" does not exist as a variable type (it's really an int) and float numbers need to be suffixed with "f" - "2.0" in Java is a double, "2.0f" is a float.

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Thanks. Sketch outline is a useful tool for me. However, the reason I don't use eclipse is that, my project is also working with processig.js and is a web application. Is there any way to use eclipse and processing.js at the same time? – hAlE Nov 18 '12 at 4:17

IntelliSense is just Microsoft's implementation of autocomplete.

I'm guessing that you're looking for a Processing IDE (not a Processing.JS IDE) with autocomplete.

Here is one recommendation:

If you're looking for a Processing.js IDE, there are two listed here:

They are:

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Yes what I need is a processing IDE with intellisense. I actually have several classes and I want an IDE to show me the functions and variables of each Object through other classes. does Jedit support that? – hAlE Nov 14 '12 at 19:08

In addition, you can use Eclipse with the Proclipsing plugin which is cross platform and easy to setup.

I presume you can get auto complete with any other Java IDE like NetBeans or IntelliJ Idea, it's a matter of linking Processing's core.jar and subclassing PApplet.

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On the Mac, Sublime Text (commercial) offers partial autocompletion for .pde processing sketches.

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