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I'm trying to set up a simple line chart that contains both positive and negative values, but I'm having trouble setting the correct properties so that the x-axis renders at the middle of the y-axis; all I'm getting right now is the x-axis being at the bottom of the chart.

<mx:Stroke id="stroke" color="0x000000" weight="1"/>

    <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{xAxis}" axisStroke="{stroke}"/>
    <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{yAxis}" axisStroke="{stroke}"/>

    <mx:LinearAxis id="xAxis"/>
    <mx:LinearAxis id="yAxis"/>

What property/style should I be adding to the axes so that I get the x-axis displayed at the middle of the y-axis?

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I believe you need to use the minimum and maximum properties of the LinearAxis. By giving it those hints, it should render the axis in a reasonable location. I did this a long time ago, so it's a little foggy, but I posted a simple example about rendering negative values on a chart (source included).

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Thanks for the link! It managed to fix the primary issue I had, but now I'm just fiddling with some other settings. I have a min and max set, but the chart doesn't seem to spread it across the height of its parent component appropriately. But I'll keep working at it! –  user1596537 Nov 16 '12 at 20:18

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