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I have searched for many hours to find out how to solve this problem. All I can find is how to suppress javascript errors with c#. The thing is, the webbrowser doesn't seem to run the javascript.

I am trying to make a bot for an online text based mafia game. I have come as far as to make the bot login and being able to do the things I want, however, I want this bot to also be able to solve the antibot. The antibot for this game works like this:

It shows a yellow frame with 9 pictures and asks you to press the one that looks like a cat or a car or an airplane and so on. It works in all browsers I have tried, chrome, opera and even internet explorer. However, in the C# webbrowser it just shows up as a small yellow strip and it throws a script error. Even if I hit yes and tell it to continue running scripts, nothing happens.

So in short: My problem is that I can't even get the antibot form to show up. I need it to show up in the C# browser to make the bot solve it.

In case anyone would be curious, the game is found here: http://www.nordicmafia.me/ - it's a norwegian game so I don't expect anyone to visit it.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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Cheating is bad :( –  Simon Whitehead Nov 13 '12 at 23:23
What's the error? –  Stecman Nov 13 '12 at 23:24

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webBrowser.ScriptErrorsSuppressed = true;
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I tried this, both true and false, and I tried setting the "ScriptErrorsSuppressed"-property to both true and false. I will try to see if I can upload some pictures of the differences between a normal webbrowser and the c# browser. –  Kristoffer Er Stærk Nov 14 '12 at 11:58

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