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I am using a UISwitch in in the menu of a Cocos2d game I am making.

After the scene is changed (the user clicks any button and goes to a different scene/layer the switches are still on the screen

I have tried setting switch1 = nil; and switch2 = nil;in my dealloc but that doesn't work. How would I do this?

Edit: Also tried [switch1 release]; which didn't work either

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You generally remove controls from a view with:

[switch1 removeFromSuperview];

If you have any strong references to that control elsewhere, you can then do the appropriate memory management to release the switch at that point (e.g. setting it to nil or releasing it, as appropriate). You'd have to tell us about how it's defined (strong or weak, property or ivar, IBOutlet or programmatically created, etc.) for us to provide counsel there, but you probably have that covered.

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worked, thanks :) – tyler53 Nov 15 '12 at 1:13

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