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I have a class in python with 2 "main" strings and a list of strings in it with N size

How can I "nicely" format the print of it so i can print the pain list and it will look normal.

The expected result is like:

entry 1 : string1 string 2 <br>
liststring1 liststring2 .... liststring n

entry 2 : string1 string 2 <br>
liststring1 liststring2 .... liststring n

entry n : string1 string 2 <br>
liststring1 liststring2 .... liststring n
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Let's presume your python class, Entry, has the following member variables:


Then to print a list_of_entries:

>>> for entry in list_of_entries:
...     print entry, " : ", entry.string1, entry.string2
...     for s in entry:
...         print s,
...     print ""
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>>> l
[[1, 2, 3], [1, 2, 3]]
>>> for entry in l:
...    print entry, ":", 
...    for x in entry:
...        print x,
...    print

Notice the trailing commas in print statements.

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Try the pprint module for easy printing of 2D lists, among other things.

import pprint
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