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Follow at jongo a java library on top of MongoDB allow Query in Java as in Mongo shell. Example:


db.friends.find({"age": {$gt: 18}});


friends.find(new BasicDBObject("age",new BasicDBObject("$gt", 18)));


friends.find("{age: {$gt: 18}}").as(Friend.class);

But i can't find anything to download this jar lib files. Who could share this file for me?

Thanks in advanced.

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The project is hosted on the Sonatype OSS library, so you could search for it here;quick~jongo

A quick search for the latest jar turned up

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Thank @David Welch for your help and for Jongo, i love it. – Sonrobby Nov 15 '12 at 6:05
My pleasure. As @yves amsellem said, using the Maven dependency would make life easier. If you're using an IDE that has maven support, just create a new Maven project and add the dependency to the pom.xml file. It'll make life a lot easier :) – David Welch Nov 19 '12 at 17:56

As said by David Welch, you can download Jongo directly on Sonatype. You can also use its maven dependency, it will ease the version upgrades to come:

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