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If I have a class such as the following:

import std.traits;

class Test(T) if(isCallable!T)
 alias ParameterTypeTuple!T Parameters;
 alias ReturnType!T delegate(Parameters) DelegateType;

 DelegateType m_delegate;

 void Foo(void ** arguments)
  // I want to convert the void* array to
  // the respective type of each argument

How can I convert a C array of void pointers to their respective type (where their type is defined in Parameters and the length ofarguments equals the length of Parameters) and then call the function?

I tried to do this using a tuple like the following:

void Foo(void ** arguments)
 Tuple!(Parameters) tuple;

 foreach(index; 0 .. Parameters.length)
  // Copy each value to the tuple
  tuple[index] = *(cast(Parameters[index]*) arguments[index]);

 // Call the function using the tuple (since it expands to an argument list)

But this does not compile because the compiler complains about "variable index cannot be read at compile time". Any ideas?

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Do something along these lines:

ParameterTypeTuple!T args;

foreach(i, arg; args) {
    args[i] = cast(typeof(arg)) arguments[i];

and you should be started

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or dereference the pointer or whatever. The key thing though is to do a foreach on the parameter tuple itself because then the index variable will be available at compile time. – Adam D. Ruppe Nov 14 '12 at 2:04
you are going to run into trouble with sizes of the args: void has sizeof =1 so if you try to do this with int (with sizeof=4) you'll run into trouble – ratchet freak Nov 14 '12 at 7:34
Pointers to pointers to void are all the same size. – BCS Nov 15 '12 at 0:33

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