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I am trying to use the jQuery Tool tip function and from the examples I am having issues altering the code for the function I am after.

I have several coulored Circle area maps that I want a tool tip to pop up from when one is clicked on.

The following function works but it also pops up a tool tip when mousing over the element. Then when you click on it another tool tip pops up.

So What I need, is to change the function to only pop up "on click" and then to fade away after a few seconds.


$(function() {        
                        var tooltips = $( "[title]" ).tooltip();

                                $( "#01-001" ).click(function() {

                                        tooltips.tooltip( "open" );            



          <area id="01-001" shape="circle" coords="99,71,10" href="#" alt="01-001" data-maphilight='{"stroke":false,"fillColor":"FF0000","fillOpacity":1,"alwaysOn":true}' title="Tool Tip Messgae." />

Thanks Guys.


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The simplest solution would be to wait until the click event to instantiate the tooltip. You're getting them on hover because you instantiated them all at once.

There's a detailed answer by here.

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