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excuse my English as it's by far not my main one (:

I have a question which I would like to be advised on I'll try to be as specific as I can .

Allthogh it looks as if it's a long story it is only a practical question to help me deside:

which tools to use trying to achieve a comprehensive all in one solution, to be included in most/ majority of my future projects:

since my applications (my first "client"s demands) (...as i am still learning to develop via C# Dot.Net)

are data-driven + repeating itself almost with every task I need to fulfill.

i was thinking of a set : best practice tools ,to use... with a few main templates-like solutions , so :

form this List , what would be best? (easiest/simple to implement that will match html table)

having few options to select from (to interact with database)

ado.net Vs LINQ To SQL<<--- EOL/obsolete ?

datareader vs DataAdapter

List<Dictionary<string,Object> vs DataTable Dataset DataColumnCollection


Which set of Tools from listed ones(above or if i didn't mention any you could recommend) would you use ??

so with chosen methods ,i could do something like :

call StoredProcedureName :paramaters - take from DDL ID , DDL NAME

for/each row of DataBasetable ,

draw html Table that fits the dataType retrived from DB

<input type=text> for dates / nvarchar

<input type=checkBox> if its bit

apply vallidation if its money type: Append an event attribute onkeyPress="ValidationfucName(this)"

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@Aristos sorry , i did try to narow it down i allso have a code ready to use i didnt post it i was woried it will be too long to read . so i put a "bold"er question title above the list of tools availble in Asp.net 4.0 , to simplefy my question.. have a second look please –  LoneXcoder Nov 14 '12 at 3:03

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Try asp:GridView. You can widely configure it to your needs.

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i know it, though at first i thought not to use the gridview although if i will use it and i will configure it through the code behind via item template it would be perfect as i later want to achive the option to post back data with ajax/javascript/jquery for CRUD so i will have both the automtic process of generating rows plus post backs-database interaction/queries without using the builtin func' of GV, thats it! then i can have a smooth automatic database interaction without page refresh and without .aspx.side working on tables so the gridview control will render htmltblRows programatically –  LoneXcoder Nov 14 '12 at 5:45
You can "avoid" AJAX by using UpdatePanel and ScriptManager. Mark as answer? –  pbies Nov 15 '12 at 0:28
did . cause actually did use it (; –  LoneXcoder Nov 24 '12 at 19:45

after creating linq to sql class use your code as follow

objectclassname object = new objectclassname()

for grideview you use following linq query

objectclassname objectname = new objectclassname();
var txtvalue = objectname.tablename.single(p=> p.stratwith("value you want to find"));
grideviewidname.datasource = txtvalue.tolist();
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@usrer1.... thanks looks good and simple i am going to give it a try asap, + i will post what i already tried b4 you've posted your Answer , thanks –  LoneXcoder Nov 15 '12 at 23:42

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