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I have a form working and am using strip_tags and htmlentities to try and prevent any malicious code or spam links being submitted by the contact form. Is there a better way to write, that is to combine the following:

$comments = $_POST['comments'] ;
$comments = strip_tags($comments);
$comments = htmlentities($comments);

I would like to figure out how to write that in one statement if possible. Also, when I have it in the order above, only strip_tags or htmlentities only the one listed first (in the above strip_tags) works.

A final question, is htmlentities or stripslahses better for preventing spammy links being sent in a contact form?

Thank you!

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If you're saving that value in the database, remember to run real_escape_string on it! –  Mansfield Nov 14 '12 at 3:12
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I would like to figure out how to write that in one statement if possible

$comments = htmlentities(strip_tags($_POST['comments']));
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Excellent, I had it backwards. –  Dirty Bird Design Nov 14 '12 at 3:09
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