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I need to send a UIImage over the Internet, but I've been having some issues so far.

I currently take the UIImage, make it a 16th the dimensions, convert it to NSData, and then create an NSString using NSData+base64. I then transmit this as part of a JSON request to a server.

Most of the time, this works perfectly.

However, the file sizes are large. On a cellular connection, an image can take ~10 seconds to load.

How do I transmit a UIImage, over the network, so that it's small and retains quality? Even when I make it a 16th of the previous number of pixels, a photograph can be 1.5MB. I'd like to get it around 300KB.

Compressing it with zip or gzip only seems to result in negligible (<.1MB) savings.

Thanks, Robert

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Send the raw data instead of a base64 encoded string. That will take up much less bandwidth. – rmaddy Nov 14 '12 at 3:37
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I'd suggest storing it as a JPEG or a PNG with some compression, Use a method like

        UIImageJPEGRepresentation(UIImage *image, CGFloat compressionQuality)

Then post the NSData object you get from that. You should be able to find a good ssize/quality tradeoff by playing with the compressionQuality variable.

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Jpeg will help dramatically. – Dancreek Nov 14 '12 at 3:57

You didn't say how you are converting your images to data. You mention “photograph”. If your images are photographs, you should use UIImageJPEGRepresentation, not UIImagePNGRepresentation. You will have to play with the compressionQuality parameter to find a compression level that balances data size and image quality.

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