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I created one Git server on Win7 with SSHD held by WinSSH,

i built remote git there with syntax

ssh user@
cd GitRepo/GitCRM/
git --bare init

i can do scp with syntax

scp myFile user@

but i always got failed when do this:

git push user@ master

error message is :

fatal : ''GitRepo/GitCRM/'' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal : the remote end hung up enexpectedly

what should i fix?

== UPDATE == i install cygwin within openSSH to work as my new SSH server and all work fine

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Even if ssh connects to your HOME, git might still need the full path:

git push user@ master

(and you are right to use GitCRM here, not GitCRM.git: since you have created a bare repo within GitCRM/, that directory is its own '.git')

Regarding SSH server, the OP kreamik went with an OpenSSH with Cygwin, easier to setup than a WinSSH.

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i install winSSH in my windows and i don't know what is my home .. any clue? i test with C:/ or C:\ to my folder and it always give me error like i mention before .. it seems that the path has generate it's own quote and it become double quote that makes it failed –  kreamik Nov 16 '12 at 8:00
You don't need WinSSH, and HOME isn't defined by default on Windows. Define it wherever you have stored your ssh keys. See here (stackoverflow.com/questions/3454774/…) how msysgit defines HOME for instance. As illustrated in stackoverflow.com/a/8562715/6309, you can set HOME to any directory you want. –  VonC Nov 16 '12 at 8:03

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