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Wordpress site is hacked. Problem seems to be linked to template-loader.php, specifically to the functions get_home_template() and get_index_template(). What next steps should I take to rid of the hack?

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Reinstall wordpress? –  Matt Ball Nov 14 '12 at 4:09
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1 Answer

If you are sure plugins and themes are not hacked then do this:

Backup these files/directories to a safe location (download with FTP if necessary or use "Duplicator" plugin but learn how to use it to select PIECES of your site):

  • /wp-config.php
  • /wp-content/plugins (all subdirs/files)
  • /wp-content/themes (all subdirs/files)

Delete the WordPress installation that is hacked.

Restore/re-upload the files you backed up above.

The themes and/or plugins may have been hacked so no guarantees they won't get back in.

If you have any themes/plugins using the phpthumb.php or thumb.php script makes sure you have the latest version installed. There is a well publicized security bug that will let the hackers back in if you don't patch this. Most themes/plugins that are well maintained have already patched this.

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