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I see ImageMagick is capable to generate image using Pango formatted text, which looks like quite a good approach.

Just want to know if there's anything else out there, what's the most recommended way of doing this.

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imagemagick is probably the easiest, but ghostscript can also be used to render images with text.

Here's a little postscript program that displays some text.

5 5 moveto
/Palatino-Roman 20 selectfont
(Some Text) show

Using ps2eps will calculate the Bounding-Box and add this information as a comment conforming to the Document Structuring Conventions.

%!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-2.0
%%BoundingBox: 5 5 97 20
%%HiResBoundingBox: 5.500000 5.000000 97.000000 19.500000
% EPSF created by ps2eps 1.64
/showpage {} def
/setpagedevice {pop} def
%%Page 1 1
5 5 moveto
/Palatino-Roman 20 selectfont
(Some Text) show
exch sub { end } repeat

Then imagemagick's convert utility can render this as an image.

sample image of some text

The ps2eps is necessary so the final image is cropped to the interesting part, rather than at the bottom of a page-sized image.

Here's a typescript of the whole sequence. 0> is the command prompt.

0> cat > t.ps
5 5 moveto
/Palatino-Roman 20 selectfont
(Some Text) show
0> ps2eps t.ps
Input files: t.ps
Processing: t.ps
Calculating Bounding Box...ready. %%BoundingBox: 5 5 97 20
Creating output file t.eps...** Warning **: Weird heading line -- %! -- ready.
0> convert t.eps t.png
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