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Please help me understand what I am doing wrong with my double pointer arithmetic. I know I clearly doing something incorrect but what? Look at the line where I marked, "bad pointer". My intuition told me that this should work, but I guess not. Programmed in C.

 *This function searches for prefixes within the string array.
 *@param stringArray array containing strings
 *@param searchPrefix a string or characters to search for at beginning of string
 *@return void
 void prefixSearch(char* stringArray[SIZE], char* searchPrefix){
int count = strlength(searchPrefix);//size of the prefix search
while(count > 0){
    if(**stringArray == *searchPrefix){
        printf("%c match %c\n", **stringArray, *searchPrefix);
        **stringArray++;//want to move to next character, instead get bad pointer.
        *searchPrefix++;//moves to next char
        stringArray++;//no match, go to next string


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The * and ++ operators have the same precedence, and right-to-left associativity, so the line that's not working parses like this:


I don't actually understand your code, but that can't be what you intended since the dereference operators have no effect. Presumably you wanted this instead:

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thanks for the clarity, my function is flawed and has been scrapped, but yeah the code I wanted is (**stringArray)++ either way its good to know because I missed in that my lectures. – tom reese Nov 14 '12 at 19:27

You have to move to next character so


(*stringArray)++ instead of **stringArray++


searchPrefix++ instead of *searchPrefix++

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I don't really know what a double pointer is, but doesn't (*stringArray)++ increment the value that stringArray points to? Or have I missed something? – Bbvarghe Jun 17 '13 at 1:11

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