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I'm having hard time to get RESTeasy working with my existing application. I can hit my end points (AdminService). My problem is everytime I make a GET request (over browser) I hit twice on my service so it leads to duplicate results. I tried with POST using a java client still the problem is there. Following you can find my technology list.

Spring security 3.x Spring 2.5 RestEasy 2.3.5.Final

==Part of my web.xml==




I'd appreciate your solution or idea to trouble shoot this.


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Guys - just found it's common to all servlets in my configuration..not just RESTeasy servlet... Let me know if you can think of any reason pls. –  Charith Nov 14 '12 at 4:57

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Don't bother reading this. This was due to my custom implementation of AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter in spring-security. I was basically making unnecessary call to the super class with super.doFilter(request, response, chain). This was done right after I execute my custom filters. Getting rid of super.doFilter resolved the issue for me.

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