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When a object is dragged and dropped from one div to another, the format in li gets changes to text only. I want it in the same format and style i.e 'li' after droping it.

$(function() {

      $("#catalog ul").sortable({
        zIndex: 10000,
        revert: true
      $("#catalog ul").draggable({
        appendTo: "body",
        helper: "clone",
        zIndex: 10000

      $("#dialogIteration ol").droppable({

        activeClass: "ui-state-default",
        hoverClass: "ui-state-hover",

        drop: function(event, ui) {
        items: "li:not(.placeholder)",
        sort: function() {

          // gets added unintentionally by droppable interacting with sortable
          // using connectWithSortable fixes this, but doesn't allow you to customize active/hoverClass options

      $("ul, li").disableSelection();

Sample Code here

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The style of item <li class="ui-state-default"/> in original list is defined by CSS rules:

.ui-state-default, .ui-widget-content .ui-state-default, .ui-widget-header .ui-state-default {
  border: 1px solid lightGrey;
  background: #E6E6E6 url(images/ui-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1x400.png) 50% 50% repeat-x;
  font-weight: normal;
  color: #555;


After you dragged it to new container, and drop it, you created another element to hold the content $("<li></li>").text(ui.draggable.text()) which doesn't have the same className as the original element, so the style is ripped off.

You can either fix it by changing it to

$('<li class="ui-state-default" />').text(ui.draggable.text()).appendTo( this )
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@xiayi : Thanx for answering me . But i tried your code, its not working for me . I'vl be very thankful to you if you try your code into my sample code given above and then answer me :) Thanx in advance :) – Little bird Nov 14 '12 at 8:06
oops, my code above has some quote issue, here is the demo – xiaoyi Nov 14 '12 at 8:13

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