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I have the following code in my events.rb. By default I am setting sort_order as updated_at_desc.

But if url is has a parameter ride_id (http://localhost:3000/admin/events?ride_id=3009) I need to sort it based on created_at asc.

It not working. Its still fetching the results with sort_order updated_at_desc. How can this be done. Please help.

The below code was working on the previous version of active admin I used, But When I updated it to 0.5.0, I am having this trouble.

ActiveAdmin.register Event do
  config.sort_order = 'updated_at_desc'
  controller do
    def scoped_collection
      if params[:ride_id].present?
        end_of_association_chain.select('events.*').where('events.booking_id = ?', params[:ride_id]).order('created_at asc')


I also used the reorder function

end_of_association_chain.select('events.*').where('events.booking_id = ?', params[:ride_id]).reorder('created_at asc')

still I am not able to override the default sorting by updated_at_desc. Please help.

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If you're setup somewhere uses something like:

default_scope order: '... DESC'

you can use


like this:


At least that's what fixed my similar problem.

Notice the following post that states using default_scope is a bad idea, precisely because of what I/we experienced:


I hope this helps,

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