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is there a way to cast the DropDownlist datasource to a data table.

following is possible for gridview. but not for dropdownlist.

DataTable dtSource = (DataTable)DropDownListCNPPRO.DataSource;
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The DataSource property is just a getter and setter methods for a internal variable. Judging on the question content, I am guessing that property is some kind of IDataSource type, which is implemented with DataTable class.

But, my point is, you can cast some property some other to type T if and only if:

  • T is the base class or interface for that property.
  • T is not the base class, but an heir, and it or it's descendants was set to that property before. Like this:


interface IFoo { }
class Foo1 : IFoo { }
class Foo2 : IFoo { }

class Bar
    internal IFoo Foobar { get; set; }

void main()
    Bar bar = new Bar();
    bar.Foobar = new Foo1();

    IFoo instance1 = bar.Foobar; // Ok.
    Foo1 instance2 = (Foo1)bar.Foobar; // Bad practice, but ok.

    Foo2 instance3 = (Foo2)bar.Foobar; // Bad practive plus an exception.
    Foo2 instance3 = (Foo2)(Foo1)bar.Foobar; // Still an exception.
    Foo2 instance3 = (Foo2)(IFoo)(Foo1)bar.Foobar; // Still a fail.
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This absolutely depends on what the datasource is. If you replace


by the "real" datasource (e.g. a generic list), the compiler will tell you if you can convert or not.

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