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how to FindWindowEx Without windowTitle?

my code:

H = FindWindowEx(Hwnd, 0, "TextB", "windowTitle")

windowTitle is changed evrey second, how i get the handle without the windowTitle?.

other option:

get the title by classname

H = FindWindowEx(Hwnd, 0, "TextB", GetTitleByClassname(Hwnd,"TextB"))
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  • Use EnumWindows to enumerate all top level windows.
  • Call GetWindowThreadProcessId for each top level window to check whether or not that window belongs to the target process.
  • When you find the desired top level window, call EnumChildWindows to enumerate all of its children.

If you know the hierarchy, or the window class name, then you should be able to identify which of the children is you target window.

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thank you. :-). –  famf Nov 14 '12 at 7:07

If you only have one child window of class "TextB", then pass NULL to the last parameter.

H = FindWindowEx(Hwnd, NULL, "TextB", NULL);
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i tried it, this is not working (It should work, but in this application is not working (very weird)) –  famf Nov 14 '12 at 6:56

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