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I use code:

<img src="images/english.png"/>

My site use 2 language English and Vietnamese, I want when change language to Vietnamese, the image filename will be change to vietnamese.png example:

<img src="images/vietnamese.png"/>

have already 2 image file into images folder, i need PHP script for change it when change language

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You may need to provide some more information than that- for example, how does your site determine which language to use?

Assuming that you can create a boolean value in PHP (let's call it langV) that is true if the language is Vietnamese, and false if it's English, then here's all you have to do:

Replace your img tag:

<img src="e_image" alt=""/>

With something like this:

<img src="<?php echo langV?:'v_image''e_image' ?>" alt=""/>

Replacing v_image and e_image with the paths to your separate image files, of course.

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create an if else statement. When you select for example English, show image A, else show image B. What happens is when you select a language, you most likely change a value. So use that value to create an if else statement, that has to correspondent with you image.

Its really easy if you ask me. I put an example here below

if($LanguageVar == 1)
        Echo "<img src='blablaba1.png'></img>";
        Echo "<img src='blablaba2.png'></img>";

or something in that general direction

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How does your website know which language is being used?

You can use parts of the URL. For example, if you have

name your images "viet.png" and "en.png"

$lang = end(explode('/',$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'))

<img src="$lang.png" />

It really depends on how the site determines which language to use

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Set Cookie value For language

When User Select Language

$value = 'en';
setcookie("lan", $value);
setcookie("lan", $value, time()+3600); 

For Generating Image

echo "<img src='blablaba1.png'></img>";
echo "<img src='blablaba2.png'></img>";
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