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I am using Mono Develop For Android and would like some help with using an array of structs.

Here is my code:

public struct overlayItem
    string stringTestString;
    float floatLongitude;
    float floatLatitude;

And when using this struct:

overlayItem[1] items;
items[0].stringTestString = "test";
items[0].floatLongitude = 174.813213f;
items[0].floatLatitude = -41.228162f;

items[1].stringTestString = "test1";
items[1].floatLongitude = 170.813213f;
items[1].floatLatitude = -45.228162f;

I am getting the following error at the line:

overlayItem[1] items;

Unexpected symbol 'items'

Can I please have some help to correctly create an array of the above struct and then populate it with data.


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Have a look at the section on C# structs on the MSDN –  Panos Rontogiannis Nov 14 '12 at 10:59

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Define your struct like:

overlayItem[] items = new overlayItem[2];

Also you need to define your fields in the struct as public, to be able to access them outside the struct

public struct overlayItem
    public string stringTestString;
    public float floatLongitude;
    public float floatLatitude;

(you may use Pascal case for your structure name)

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+1 for adding Pascal Case and pointing to the properties to be public. –  Asif Mushtaq Nov 14 '12 at 7:11
@Asif: Fields, not properties. While there are times when structures should have properties which behave semantically different from fields, if a structure member is going to behave like a public field, it should be a public field. –  supercat Nov 14 '12 at 15:49

You need to create your struct array like so:

overlayItem[] items = new overlayItem[2];

Remember to declare it with [2] as it will have 2 elements, not 1! Indexing an array might start at zero, but defining an array size does not.

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Your sample code shows you need two items, so you need to declare the array of structs with length 2. This can be done with:

overlayItem[] items = new overlayItem[2];
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The right way to declare the struct array for two elements is

overlayItem[] items = new overlayItem[2];

If you do not know the exact no of items you can also use list.

List<overlayItem> items = new List<overlayItem>();

items.Add( new overlayItem {
               stringTestString = "test";
               floatLongitude = 174.813213f;
               floatLatitude = -41.228162f; 
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