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I am an android developer...

currently I have 2 images, ImageA and ImageB. ImageB is a child of ImageA

Assuming ImageA position is in (100, 100); then ImageB local position is (10, 0);

So what I'm trying to do is how can I retrieve the screen position of ImageB whereby it will return me (110, 100) instead of (10, 0)?


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In Objective-C you would do this:

[image convertToWorldSpace:image.position];

I assume cocos2d-android has the same method, the syntax will be different of course.

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thanks, but i can not read Ob-c code like you cant read korean. – Kernelzero Nov 16 '12 at 5:47

You can also get by adding the positions of parent and child to get proper position for child on screen

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