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I need a shell script to replace a string pattern in multiple text files.

By pattern I mean like this occurance in multiple files:


So in general its like CSRF=$$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$$-$$$$ where $=any alphanumeric

I already have the sed command to find and replace the old text with the new text. But here i am looking for the string pattern to search and replace.

The command I have is :

    newtext="CSRF Replaced"    
    find -iname '*.txt' | xargs sed -i "s/$oldtext/$newtext/g"  

So my question is... How do I search for this CSRF String pattern???

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Then make sure you call sed -r (on Linux) or sed -E (on BSD, such as Mac OS X) to use extended regular expressions.

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Helped a lot. Thanks mann! –  Sameer Shiraj Nov 14 '12 at 10:42

I dont really understand what you are saying.Perhaps you are looking for this.

find -iname '*.txt' | xargs sed -i "s/^\(CSRF=\)$oldtext/\1 $newtext/g"
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