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I've recently dived into Git and maybe I'm over complicating this but I'm trying to figure out the best workflow for the following:

I have created a 'backbone' or 'base' of sorts for themes similar to 'bootstrap' grid based system, responsive etc. I want to keep that base across all themes and have files ontop that I modify from theme to theme. When the time comes to update the base I update across all themes, without affecting the theme files ontop.

theme.css   <-- Will change from theme to theme
theme.js    <-- Will change from theme to theme
[base]        <-- Files that will be used across all themes

What's the best way to do this with git? Do I have a single master repo and have multiple branches for the different themes that I'll never merge into the master?

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It is best to manage those themes in branches.

When the base change (on master), you can rebase all themes branches on master.
See "Git: How to rebase many branches (with the same base commit) at once?".

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