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Hi I'm havin the problem thet I need to get an text from an DataTable. I read an csv-file to the datatable and wondering now how can I access an specific row Ma Datatable contains the translations for various texts and has Columns for the different languages e.g.

English, German, Italian, French,...

What I need to get is the translation for an english text.

I tried the following with no result:

(The csv file has some duplicates so I remove them.)

printf("reading csv file...\n");
DataTable^ table = GetDataTable( L"LangTexts.csv", '|' );
DataSet^ data = gcnew DataSet("LANGS");
printf("removing duplicate rows...\n");
RemoveDuplicateRows( table, L"English" );
table->TableName = "LanguageText";
table->Namespace = "Nmspce";
printf("saving as XML\n");
data->WriteXml( "LangTexte.xml" );

table->PrimaryKey = gcnew array<DataColumn^> {table->Columns["English"]};

// does not work it says the columns are not unique (Zusätzliche Informationen: Diese Spalten haben momentan keine eindeutigen Werte.)

After that I have an xml file which looks like that:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
  <LanguageText xmlns="Nmspce">
    <Nederlands />

How can I now get e.g. german text for a specific enlisch text?

I tried this with no luck:

This does not work, "from" is not known by compiler:

String ^strToGet = "Torque";
    String^ sDeutsch = ( From DataRow dr in table->Rows where safe_cast<String^>( table["English"] ) 
                          == strToGet select ( String^ )table["German"] )->FirstOrDefault();

This does not work, the filteredrows array is empty:

array<DataRow^>^ filteredRows = table->Select( String::Format( "'{0}' like '%{1}%'", "English", strToGet) );
     String^ res;
     if(filteredRows != nullptr && filteredRows->Length > 0)
       res = cli::safe_cast<String^>(filteredRows[0]["Deutsch"]);
       res= strToGet;

This complains that the table has no primary key:

DataRow^ r = table->Rows->Find(strToGet);
if(r != nullptr)
   String^ sDe = cli::safe_cast<String^>(r["Deutsch"]);

What ca I do to solve the problem? Or do you have an better way to deal with the translation list from an csv-file?

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OK, after long time I was remembering my own question here. Just to give feedback to anyone who stumbls upon this case.

It all ended up with this:

The only thing which works is to have a List which has absolutely NO DUPLICATES. So the code above works, but the source-csv-file must not have duplicate entries for the desired "primary key"-column. Removing duplicate entries afterwards with "RemoveDuplicateRows( table, L"English" );" has no effect. the index is broken before.

I wrote a different tool (exe) with that I remove the duplicate rows from the csv-file before I import it here to this code. After doing so, all is file.

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