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Using ExtJS4.1, I have floating point coming as JSON response. How can I format the floating value as 3 digits after decimal points. Find below the example. Please help.

enter code here


header: 'Total', 
sortable: true, 
dataIndex: 'total', 
field: { xtype: 'numberfield' }, 
renderer: this.onRenderCell 

onRenderCell : function(value, metaData, record, rowIndex,colIndex, store, view){
   return value;            
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You can use the number(v, format) function, for example:

Ext.util.Format.number(1.23456, '0.000');

witch will return:


(The numberRenderer witch you've tried returns a function)

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thanks..that worked for me –  Sashikant Nov 14 '12 at 8:01

This functionality is in version totaly buged...

When you do somthing like

Ext.util.Format.number("1.23456", '0,000')

You get 1 instead 1,234 which is just plainly wrong...

And here is a test case. feel free to correct me if i am wrong. http://jsfiddle.net/gT9jj/1/

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That would be because it should be Ext.util.Format.number("1.23456", '0.000'). You used a comma instead of a period in the template mask. –  Maxim Kumpan Apr 1 at 6:35
puuh, old post. But it is still wrong.. i wanted an output like 1,2345 not 1.2234. Why would i have to supply the inputing format and not the outputing format?? –  Sangoku Apr 1 at 9:13
Might be old, but I did come across it. Someone else might as well - I pointed out the problem, that's all. Sorry, I haven't had the need to investigate about changing the separator. –  Maxim Kumpan Apr 1 at 14:28
Ye the problem is the output seperator which gets printed, the function ignores the global settings and the input settings... –  Sangoku Apr 1 at 16:02

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