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This question is regarding one of my previous questions. You can find it HERE

I am trying to get the summary of 2 strings. What I managed so far is:

CAST (replace((replace (p8.pa_value,'%','')),' ','') AS float (3,0)) +
CAST (replace((replace (p9.pa_value,'%','')),' ','') AS float (3,0)) as total_discount

The problem is that when the p9.pa_value or p8.pa_value is null(empty) the sum result is also null

Is there a way to get the correct result?

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If you want to substitute a NULL value with something else (say, an empty string), you can use COALESCE:

COALESCE(CAST (replace((replace (p8.pa_value,'%','')),' ','') AS float (3,0)),'') +
COALESCE(CAST (replace((replace (p9.pa_value,'%','')),' ','') AS float (3,0)),'') as total_discount

COALESCE returns the first non-null expression from its arguments. You can supply as many arguments as you like. (There is an Transact-SQL only function called ISNULL that is similar. I'd usually recommend COALESCE though, since it's standard SQL, takes multiple arguments, and performs correct type precedence)

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Worked! Thanks a lot! I had no idea about COALESCE – Slim Nov 14 '12 at 8:01

As you noted; Any operation on a NULL value results in NULL. So when one of the pa_value is NULL the result is NULL as well.

ISNULL can be used to check for and convert NULL values to some other value of your choice. So query can be re-written like:

ISNULL(CAST (replace((replace (p8.pa_value,'%','')),' ','') AS float (3,0)), 0.0) +
ISNULL(CAST (replace((replace (p9.pa_value,'%','')),' ','') AS float (3,0)), 0.0) as total_discount
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