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I use this .hgignore file liberally in my projects, it has proven worthy so far.

However, every once in a while I'd like to do a reality check, to make sure it didn't eat up something valuable.

My question is: how can I find out the exact list of excluded files? (The files that actually match the .hgignore patterns)

Answers using TortoiseHg or command-line are welcome.

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The command hg status --ignored (or hg status -i) lists the files that have been ignored.

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The answer hit me while I was finishing the question (yet again).

It's trivial, actually:

  • Start by making sure there are no pending commits. enter image description here

  • (Re)move/rename the .hgignore file

  • Hit 'Refresh' in TortoiseHg's commit window. enter image description here

You'll now get the exact list of ignored files (+ the change to the .hgignore file itself).

Rubber ducking at its best. (Hmm, SO should add a badge for this :)

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