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I created a desktop gui app in java and use WinRun4J to create a native Windows launcher.

my ini file looks like this

java.not.found=Nie znaleziono platformy JAVA

I turned off console logging (log.level=none) but it keeps showing additional console window anyway (marked red on screenshot, my app's window in background). How to prevent it ?

enter image description here

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You probably used (copied) the console version of WinrRun4J. There are two .exe files (actually four, because of 32/64 bit).

WinRun4Jc.exe (or WinRun4J64c.exe) is for console applications.

WinRun4J.exe (or WinRun4J64.exe) is for Swing/GUI applications (note the missing c at the end of the name)

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My silly mistake, thanks. –  Łukasz Bownik Nov 14 '12 at 8:53

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