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I have this strange situation where the read(2) system call is always returning number of bytes read as 0. I know that this happens when the EOF is reached or the bytes to be read is specifed as 0. I am quite sure that none of the above are true in this scenario.

Here is the code snippet which may help in understanding the problem statement.

    cout<<"file_hand: "<<file_hand<<endl;
    // Read message number.
    if (!(nobr = ACE_OS::read(file_hand,(char*)buffer,1)))
            cout << "errno " << errno << endl;
            cout<<"Failed to read the message number"<<endl;
            ERROR("%s", "Failed to read the message number");
            return 0;

The fd was opened in the below way. file_hand = ACE_OS::open(getFullPathName().c_str(), O_RDONLY,ACE_DEFAULT_OPEN_PERMS);

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I think your code doesn't fit your description: you should check nobr for == 0 to find EOF, but errno is not needed there. YOu need to check errno only if nobr < 0. –  glglgl Nov 14 '12 at 8:30
@glglgl i did try that too.. this is diffrent version from many tries that i did. But eeven when i do that i mean thay way you specified nobr=0 . –  samairtimer Nov 14 '12 at 8:41

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