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I create one application with multiple datasources. I use before method in controller to know which datasource use. I keep prefix of datasource in variable to use it dynamically according to the datasource When I retrieve in object or list of object there is no problem : example

def P = Person.class
def onePerson = p."${varPrefix}".list().get(0)

but when I try to create new object to save it ex :

def p = new Person()
p.nom = "jean"
p.renom = "dujardin"
p."${varPrefix}".save(failOnError:true, flush:true)

I have an error which said there is no table "Person" in my database

So I try this

def p = Person.class
p.nom = "jean"
p.renom = "dujardin"
p."${varPrefix}".save(failOnError:true, flush:true)

then I have another error which said Person have no property nom solution: nom, prenom etc..

I do not find any solution in the web. According to grails documentation namespace strategy should work but it doesn't

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Hi, did you manage to solve this issue? – John Gamarra González Mar 16 at 3:36

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