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I am using Chai.js on Node. The line console.log(e) where e is an exception thrown by Chai.js print something like expected a to be within 0..3. How can I make the exception of Chai.js include stack trace info?

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I found the answer. I can config chai to enable stack trace. Here's the code on assertion styles page of chai.

var chai = require('chai');
chai.Assertion.includeStack = true; // defaults to false
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It's chai.config.includeStack = true; as of Chai version 1.9.1 released on 2014-03-19. See relevant Chai release notes for more information. –  Radko Dinev Jul 18 '14 at 4:44

I don't use Chai.JS. But if e is an Error object, you can use the property stack of the object to get the stack trace.

The core module "util" may also help you : http://nodejs.org/api/util.html

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