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I wrote some bash script that does some backup job. I run the script with errexit and pipefail so I won't miss any error. The thing I want now is the script sending me an email in case an error occures. I got this working. But I want the scripts errors to be included in the email body. How can I do this?

here is the script:

# exit script if an error occures
set -o errexit
# even exit if an error in passed through a pipe
set -o pipefail

trap 'ERRORMESSAGE_HERE | mailx -s "Something went wrong on srv-002"' ERR

# the backup job here

# if script reaches this point everything went perfectly good
echo "all good!"

Thanks a lot for your help!

share|improve this question… - this seems to be a relevant question, take a look at the answer if it suits you. – Yuriy Nov 14 '12 at 9:40

how about(untested):

    # do the work here
} 2> >(mailx -s "job errors"
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This should work. Alternatively just append 2> >(mailx -s "job errors" when you run your script (if you schedule it with cron) or write a simple wrapper that does this (if you run it manually). – Anders Johansson Dec 1 '12 at 16:06

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