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I am doing my matlab work, question is

Shearing of 0.8 on x-axis, followed by a 45° (cc) rotation

if my point is [X] = [x;y]

So what order should I take first, means if shearing matrix is [S] and rotation matrix is [R], So would I do

[Result] = [S] X [R] X [X]

or I need to do like this

[Result] = [R] X [S] X [X]

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Matrix operations read right to left like Arabic. So [S] X [R] is rotate first, shear after. –  avip Nov 14 '12 at 10:28

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As you said you are doing a matrix multiplication of [S] and [R]. As you know matrix multiplication do NOT commute, i.e. you can't switch positions.


[Result] = [R] x [S] x [x]


[Result] = [S] x [R] x [x]
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