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I am using MVEL 2.x to do some email generation and was wondering if it is possible to create custom Orb tags. I've searched on stackoverflow and google but could not find anything.

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In order to add new Orb Tags to the compilation process of a template, you simply have to use org.mvel2.templates.TemplateCompiler.compileTemplate(String template, Map<String, Class> customNodes)

customNodes maps orb tags name to node classes. E.g. @encode{} is an orb tag of name encodeand will be handled by the custom node class HtmlEncodingNode.

To find more information on the subject, go directly to the code (to little doc). The org.mvel2.templates.TemplateCompiler.compileFrom is where Orb Tags are being recognized.

Best regards, Thim.

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