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ok so im making a file system viewer. Im stuck on this though, I have everything working fine except when the I click the back button on the gui I have made.

So I have a string like so


The script will go to the folder /developer/_social_development

but when I want to go back I press the back button and it will go back to the top directory so it goes all the way back to the first '/' for example http://www.grubber.co.nz/update/index.php?dir=../ I use this code to get back to the last page which doesn't work

$dir = $_GET['dir'];
$marker = "/";
echo $str = (substr($dir, 0, (strpos($dir, $marker) + strlen($marker)))); 

all it does is remove everthing to the first '/' but I want it to goto the last '/' for example it was this /developer/_social_development and when I click on the previous folder i want it to be /developer also the string will change depending on what folder you are in so I cant just remove a set amount of characters

Thanks for the help

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you can use explode() which converts /developer/_social_development into array so easily you can go prev and next –  GBD Nov 14 '12 at 9:20
Not really to do with your question but you do realise you can do this dont you? Can cause security vulnerabilities: grubber.co.nz/update/index.php?dir=../../../../../../.. –  Adam Nov 14 '12 at 9:22
@Adam hehehe I didn't relise :-D, i just started this project off project like a hour ago so I have a few bugs :-D, ill fix them soon, but thanks –  ryanc1256 Nov 14 '12 at 9:37

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Using another method str pos, you may use explode. here complete code:

$dir = '../developer/_social_development';
$marker = "/";
$arrDir = explode('/', $dir);
$dir2 = implode( '/', $arrDir);
echo $dir2;

result: ../developer

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Thanks a lot really helped –  ryanc1256 Nov 14 '12 at 9:38

Instead of using strpos() which gives you the position of the first occurrence of a character in a string you should use strrchr() that will give you the position of the last occurrence of the character in your string

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Not a pretty best solution, personally I'd use a RegEx approach, but if you wanted to use str position you could do something like:

$dir = $_GET['dir'];
$marker = "/";
echo $str = strrev(substr(strrev($dir), (strpos($dir, $marker) + strlen($marker))));

Or a RegEx based solution:

$dir = $_GET['dir'];
echo $str = preg_replace("/\/[^\/]+$/", "", $dir);
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$path = '/foo/bar';
$path = $path . '/..'; // /foo/bar/..
echo realpath($path); // Shows /foo
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