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I'm Having an issue with loading an image with devIL for openGL

in an earlier part of my project i call


in a function right after i call my load just like this

//generate a texture
ilGenImages( 1, &uiTextureHandle );

//bind our image
ilBindImage( uiTextureHandle );

//ilLoad( IL_PNG, (const ILstring)"fake.png" );
ilLoad( IL_PNG, "fake.png" );

for the sake of error tracking i did place "ilGetError()" after every call which returned 0 for all of these except for ilLoad which returns 1285

after some searching i figured out that this is a lack of memory error.

so ilLoad always returns 0 and not loaded.

anyone know what im doing incorrect as for my loading or if i forgot to do something because i feel i might have forgotten something and thats the reason why 1285 appears.

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i also just tested to see if i can load another image format my test subject was a ".bmp" and that load didn't give me any errors –  Franky Rivera Nov 14 '12 at 11:13

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A common reason for ilLoad() to fail with IL_OUT_OF_MEMORY is simply if the PNG file you're using is corrupt.

However, 1285 means IL_INVALID_VALUE - it means the path you're giving it is likely wrong. Try an absolute path (remembering that back slashes aren't okay in C++ unless you use double slashes).

I personally have used DevIL for quite some time and did like it. However, I urge you to consider FreeImage. It has a bit more development going on and is quite stable - I used it in a commercial engine for all my image needs, and it integrates decently well with DirectX/OpenGL much like DevIL.

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