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function ClassA(){
  this.value = 5;

var obj1 = new ClassA;
var obj2 = new ClassA();


Both prints '5' in the console. What's the difference between both the ways (other than the inclusion of arguments for the constructor)?

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The answers you've got are correct, but if you're interested in the full details, this behaviour is documented in the spec. –  James Allardice Nov 14 '12 at 9:26

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The parentheses are optional - if you do not have any constructor parameters to pass, they can be omitted.

Strangely enough, semicolons are also (sometimes) optional thanks to Automatic Semicolon Insertion (source, more). This sparked a lengthy debate earlier this year and prompted a response from Douglas Crockford (JSON/JSLint inventor, JS guru).

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There isn't any difference at all.

If there are no arguments, and there is a new, then the parentheses are optional.

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